Teaching Philosophy
My goal is to teach students that there is no exact way to create art; that sometimes there are obstacles they may need to overcome, and that coping with ambiguity, expressing opinions, and at times defending judgments are all essential elements required by artists and designers. I use art and design practice to challenge my students to think, ask questions, and be courageous and responsible.

I expect my students to establish an open dialogue between their work and the work of their classmates. The student should know in which direction the work is going and what goal he/she is trying to accomplish, technically, conceptually or both. This discourse enables students to realize how effectively their ideas have been conveyed, and how well they have understood their own goals. The ability to express and articulate oneself is at the core of art and design practice. By challenging students to think beyond mere techniques, to give attention to the content and reason behind their artwork, the quest for learning and the drive to expand their perspective beyond the classroom is instilled.

Students’ ability to stretch beyond their limits inspires me to constantly challenge myself as an artist. Continually engaging in discussions about the place of art and repeatedly articulating why art is important may seem daunting to some but is precisely the reason why I teach.

Specialties Include: Drawing, Painting, Design Theory, Color Theory, Illustration, Visual Problem Solving, Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver) 

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